Monday, 2 May 2011

Dimitri From Paris - live @ Djoon, Paris (8/04/2011)

Ok...Let's start off by saying that Dimitri from Paris is actually not from Paris. Dimitri Yerasimos, as is his actual name, was born in Istanbul to Greek parents. However, he grew up in France and from an early age was heavily involved in the French house scene. Taking inspiration from 70s disco and funk, he created a unique sound that quickly got him the recognition he deserved - in 1986 he was hosting the first house music radio show in France on Radio NRJ. Apart from that he was involved in producing runway soundtracks for such fashion labels as: Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Hermès and Yves Saint-Laurent. In 1996 he released his first album, entitled 'Sacrebleu', on Bob Sinclar's Yellow Productions label, which was a massive success - UK's Mixmag proclaimed it 'Album of the Year'. Dimitri is also responsible for tons of remixes, for such renowned artists as: Björk, The Cardigans, James Brown, New Order and Quincy Jones.

I'm writing about Dimitri cause just a couple of weeks ago I had the immense pleasure of hearing the man live at Djoon - the soulful mekka of all the househeadz in Paris and by far my favourite club in the French capital. And, I gotta admit, it was utterly mind blowing! Trust me, I've been to many clubs in my life, heard many djs play, but what Dimitri showcased cannot be expressed in human terms - it was a night of pure magic and a truly spiritual experience!

If I were to choose one word to describe it, it would definitely be: energy !...Dimitri is simply the god of the 12" realm. Throughout the night he was serving the groove-hungry crowd an eclectic mix of the finest cuts of beats out there. The ease with which he jumps between genres, mixing music from the whole spectrum of 'dance music' results in a hot and heavy mixture of pure joy. Simply dynamite!

I think that's what really separates the men from the boys. DJ-ing is seriously not only about getting the perfect, seamless blends. It's sooo much more! And if there's anybody who understands, it's gotta be Dimitri. The man was like a snake-charmer, hypnotising the crowd with the slightest move of the faders.Utilising tricks that in some societies could easily be classified as black magic, Dimitri took control of our bodies and souls for the whole night, creating a truly mystical musical journey. I mean, at several points during the night I found myself getting to the point where I thought I was gonna rip the hair off my head - if that's not Voodoo, I don't know what is!...Tune after tune, Dimitri manages to make your heart beat faster and faster, and just when you start thinking to yourself: 'My god, can he take it even further?'....straight away, he comes in with another banger of a tune, making you submit to his beat-infused mysticism!

Like I said before, the true magic in this mix stems from Dimitri's excellent intuition and his unmistakable eclectic style. There's soulful, disco-diva-styled vocals, hypnotic hard-hitting beats, fantastic percussion arrangements with plenty of mayfield-like congas and cowbells...all this is covered with fat, funky basslines and a steamy, red-hot groove! Tune, after tune, after tune!

So, if you wanna see for yourself what dance music is really about it, buckle up and let Dimitri hijack your soul!

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